WINGS: are in plastic material, covered with anatomic pillows constructed with foam shock absorbing foam without the use of freon, which absorb the vibrations coming from the ground and provide a uniform support on the buttocks, deforming and adapting to the anatomy of the person, leaving work the muscle without specific points of compression without pain or hindrance to the work of muscles.


      “Listen to your need for comfort”





Transverse pin: was made in particular of aluminum alloy that allows a load of 60 kg per mm ².
SUPPORT: pin and the wings was built in die-cast aluminum alloy with large variations in the horizontal adjustment.
CENTRAL SUPPORT: always constructed of aluminum alloy die-cast, has the possibility of variable inclination, to allow the cushions to provide maximum grip on the buttocks.


                                                                                                                                                                                                  “Change the way you ride a bike”





ANKLE is forged aluminum 6082-T6, coupled to a pillar composed by aluminum alloy 6082-T6 high strength thanks to the soul of reinforcement in the direction of travel that provides higher flow and safety.
Dimensions are: width 33 cm, depth 19 cm. WEIGHT is 950 gr. about.


               ”It’s simple amazing!”